SpeedSpot: Pioneering Hotel WiFi Speed Test

Since early 2013 SpeedSpot is the #1 tool that travelers use to run WiFi Speed Tests and rely on to find Hotels with Fast WiFi. By providing mobile apps on both iOS  & Android, SpeedSpot has created the largest database of Hotel WiFi Tests in the world. The goal is and was to make WiFi access transparent to every traveler before booking hotels, because we believe that speed matters – video conferencing, streaming movies or music, sharing photos or videos is no fun when you have a poor internet connection. But, due to most of the hospitality industry not investing enough in fast and reliable broadband infrastructure, finding a hotel with fast internet access is still potluck. This is what we are changing together.

So what is important for a Hotel WiFi Test?

 Not only download speeds are important, especially for Skype and FaceTime or sharing photos and videos on your favorite social networks, upload speeds are even more important! That’s why each Hotel Wifi Test in the SpeedSpot Apps focuses on both, download speed and upload speed, so you get a reliable picture of what type of performance you can expect from each Hotel. Each Hotel WiFi Test that is run will connect to one of our high speed servers in 38 data centers worldwide. Our speed test algorithms and the robust infrastructure we use makes SpeedSpot results the most reliable. So why wasn’t there a way to find Hotels with fast WiFi before we started? We don’t know either, but we thought there should be. That’s why we built SpeedSpot.

Hotels, Cafes, Restaurants & more – SpeedSpot has you covered

But why just run a Hotel WiFi Test. What about a Cafe WiFi Test or a Restaurant WiFi Test? Exactly! That’s why we didn’t stop with Hotels. Besides sharing SpeedSpots in thousands of Hotels, the community has created dozens of thousands of SpeedSpots around the globe in Cafes, Restaurants, Bars, Stores and other public venues like Airports or Libraries. If you are a road warrior, photographer, journalist working from Cafes and Restaurants, always on the cusp of creating great work that needs to be uploaded to be shared with the world, we built this for you too. Just download one of our free mobile apps for iOS or Android and you are ready to rock. And don’t forget – Sharing is caring.